Brehob Nurseries LLC - Frequently Asked Questions


  Q.  Why do you require people to complete an application before you sell to them?

  A.  The application process is used to protect the wholesale nature of Brehob Nurseries LLC. We feel that the true definition of ‘wholesale’ has been blurred, since the establishment of large 'members only' stores. We define our customers as “professional landscape companies that install plant material for profit” and “retail garden centers”. We do our best not to compete with our customers by selling directly to residential customers, building contractors, property management companies, or other types of companies and organizations. The application helps assure we sell to the right companies. (Top)

  Q.  What are the application requirements?

  A.  We ask that you provide us with the name and address of your company, as well as copies of your Indiana Nursery Dealers License and your Indiana Retail Merchants Certificate.  We require a list of nursery trade references that can confirm your company is a professional landscape company that installs plant material for profit, or a retail garden center.  We also ask that you provide us with a list of people you authorize to place and pick-up orders.   We will openly share our pricing with these people. (Top)

  Q.  Where can I get an application?

  A.  You can apply online or contact one of our locations. One can be to sent to you by fax, email or U. S. Mail. (Top)

  Q.  How long does it take to process a “New Customer Application”?

  A.  Most of the year it takes up to a week to process an application. However, from March through May it can take up to three weeks. This is due to the increased workloads brought on by spring business, as well as the time for your nursery trade references to reply to our inquiries. (Top)

  Q.  When and how can I find out your prices?

  A.  Once your application is approved we will send you a username and password for our online availability. It contains the prices of the things we sell. You may also inquire about availability and prices via the telephone during our open hours. (Top)

  Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

  A.  We accept cash, company credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) and company checks. Credit may be established through a different application process. (Top)


    Q.  May I send my customers, family and friends in to pick up plant material?

  A.  No. We are only setup to meet the needs of professional landscape companies and retail garden centers. We are strictly a “load and go” operation. We are not a retail garden center or landscape designers. (Top)

  Q.  May I bring my customer or family members with me into the nursery?

  A.  Yes, but know that your customers will see price signs which show your costs. If you choose to do this, please walk your customer through the sales yard, making your shopping list before requesting help from our salespeople. When you are ready to begin loading, proceed to the waiting line.
It is strongly suggested not to bring children with you. This is a working nursery. Vehicles, trailers and farm machinery of all sizes move throughout the nursery. It is not a safe place for children. If it becomes necessary to bring a young child, they must stay in your vehicle while in the nursery. (Top)

  Q.  Why can’t I load my own plants?

  A.  We understand the frustration of waiting in line when all you need are a few items. However, having a number of customers unattended in the nursery will not work. First, we take care of customers in the order they arrive. We could easily lose track of who is next in line. Second, not all plants you see are ready or are available to sell. Lastly, if a few plants turn into many we may have to unload your vehicle in order to verify the counts, sizes and varieties of the plants you selected. This will slow down the whole loading process. We have taken steps to decrease the time spent in line, hopefully reducing the urge to load your own plants. (Top)

  Q.  Why do you restrict customers from using cell phones during the loading process?

  A.  We understand the need for our customers to accept calls from their customers and employees. Unfortunately, our salespeople do not have time to wait for lengthy phone conversations to end, especially when other customers are waiting to be loaded. We ask that calls be returned after the loading process is completed, or at the very least kept to within a minute or two. (Top)

  Q.  May I request to have product moved from one Brehob location to the other?

  A.  This can be done if you are willing to wait for our weekly truck that we use for stock balancing. Please understand, we do not move plants that are at risk of suffering from too much handling, such as B&B trees and shrubs. (Top)

  Q.  I see acres of plant material when I go to your nurseries, why am I not allowed access to all of it?

  A.  In addition to being wholesale sale yards, our nurseries are also production facilities (plant farms, if we may). Many of the plants you see are scheduled to sell sometime in the future. Though they may look full and beautiful on top, the root systems may still be developing. Once the product meets our standards, it is released by our growers. Once released, we do our best to move this product into the sales area as quickly as possible. (Top)


  Q.  Why do you want me to have my shopping list prepared before going out into the sales yard?

  A.  We recognize that our customers need to get in and out of our nursery as quickly as possible. When customers have a list prepared, we can begin loading immediately and service everyone more quickly. After reviewing your shopping list our salesperson can determine the most efficient way to move through the sales yard. Customers are welcome to walk around and create their list, as long as they don’t require a salesperson to be with them. Once their list is created, we ask that they proceed to the waiting line. (Top)

    Q.  What’s a “Pre-Order” and how does it work?

  A.  A “Pre-Order” can serve a couple of functions, as a “set aside order” or as a “shopping list”. “Set aside orders” are orders placed far enough ahead of the pickup or delivery date for which we can anticipate and hold items. The merchandise is “set aside” specifically for that order. “Shopping lists” are created by our account managers for customers who plan to send an employee to pickup the material, or to serve as a list of available plants discussed during an inquiry.  (Top)

   Q.  Can I pay for my order and pick it up later?

  A.  No. We see no benefit by doing this. We have no way of making the plants any more secure than simply holding the material. (Top)


  Q.  Do you deliver?

  A.  Yes, we have our own fleet, which include 28’ and 42’ enclosed trailers, and 48’ flatbeds. (Top)

  Q.  How far will you deliver?

  A.  Currently, we deliver throughout Indiana and the surrounding states. (Top)

  Q.  How much do you charge for deliveries?

  A.  Our freight charge is based on mileage. Call your account manager for more specific rates. (Top)

  Q.  What do I need to provide at the unloading site?

  A.  Although our drivers are happy to help, you are responsible for providing a crew to unload. Also, if large B&B trees are being unloaded you will need to provide suitable equipment. If proper equipment and/or crew is not available, additional charges may apply. (Top)

  Q.  Can I be set up on a regular delivery schedule?

  A.  In most cases, yes. This is mostly dependent upon destination. Call your account manager for further information. (Top)

  Q.  How is the payment for the delivery handled?

  A.  If your company has established credit with Brehob the invoice may be charged to your account. Company credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express) must be called into us in advance of the delivery. For CODs, our drivers will hand-deliver the invoice and accept your company’s check at the delivery site as well. (Top)


  Q.  May I cancel an order after I have placed it?

  A.  In most cases, yes; as long as we have no problem reselling the material. Special orders may not be cancelled. (Top)

  Q.  Why do you only allow 5 days for shortage claims to be made?

  A.  Errors can occur. That’s why we recommend that customers check their invoices immediately upon receipt.  (Top)

  Q.  Why don’t you guarantee the productivity of your plant material?

  A.  Most often plant productivity is affected by conditions related to the transport of material, site selection, site preparation or subsequent plant care. Since we have no control over any of these, Brehob Nurseries does not offer an open-ended guarantee on the productivity of the plants that we sell. If you experience a problem due to insects or disease, it is likely we and other customers are too. If you experience a problem of this nature, please complete a “Request for Adjustment” form, available at either nursery. Credit is freely given when it can be determined that we are responsible. (Top)  


  Q.  I'm having problems logging in. What could be wrong?

  A.  Companies that have been pre-approved to purchase plant material have been issued a Username and Password. The Username and Password are "case sensitive", so you will need to type them in exactly as they appear on the letter that was sent to you. If the ones issued to you won't work, please call us to reset your password.

Be sure you are using the Customer Login Link     (Top)

  Q.  I am not able to print my Plant List. What could be wrong?

  A.  The website utilizes a Pop Up Window to display the Plant List and you may have your browser's pop-up blocker turned on. Try disabling it. (Top)

  Q.  The Inventory Search function won't display plants that I know you carry. What could be wrong?

  A.  One plant can be called by many different names. We've tried to anticipate what each plant may be referred to as, but have limitations. Try changing your search request to a more general name. For example, change "Everlow taxus" to "Yews" or "Everlow". The less specific requests yield greater results.

Also, if we don't have any of the items you're searching for currently in stock and not expecting to no results will be displayed. If this happens, please call the nursery for more detailed availability information. (Top)

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